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I went from 'scouted' to "un-scouted" twice now

2009-09-16 02:35:42 by DemonBerserker

can any one help me out and scout me again? and can anyone tell me why I keep losing my 'scouted' status and losing all my votes in the process??? I just wanna post some friggin art!!!


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2009-09-16 02:48:14

I recommend you for Portal..

DemonBerserker responds:

thank you! i hope i stay in it this time


2009-09-16 08:51:41

you're really good
i don't really understand why you keep losing your scouted status


2009-09-25 09:35:06

I got your back like a butt crack

DemonBerserker responds:

lol, thanks man


2009-10-06 22:16:11

*sigh* make that three times. I simply at a loss for words at this point. why does newgrounds hate me so much?